Indexing Addresses on the Ethereum Blockchain

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There are a few unfortunate facts about the way the Ethereum blockchain stores data. The fact that we must remove baddresses and precompiles, and the fact that we need to create fake transactions in order to fully account for every address is fragile but necessary. It’s obvious to us that the designers of the Ethereum blockchain did not think through every edge case as relates to accounting for the chain — especially if one wishes to do this in a fully decentralized way. We suggest the designers of the next generation of blockchain clients pay more attention to the needs of those who wish to account for the system.


We fell in love with the idea of permissionless accounting about four years ago when we first heard Joe Lubin discuss the idea of triple-entry accounting and radical transparency. We’ve been working on that idea ever since, and recently — not the least due to our Ethereum Foundation grant — we’ve been making great progress. Just a quick preview of an application we’re building on the index and then we’re done. We didn’t ask if it was okay!

One of Vitalik’s Accounts — All Transactions

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Thomas Jay Rush

Thomas Jay Rush

Blockchain Enthusiast, Founder TrueBlocks, LLC and Philadelphia Ethereum Meetup, MS Computer Science UPenn