How Accurate is EtherScan?

Think before Tweeting…

This morning, I tweeted that EtherScan misses nearly 15% of what I call “appearances.”

What is an Appearance?

I’ve written about appearances here. I’ll quote from that article:

EtherScan APIs

EtherScan provides five account-related APIs which we use in our testing:

fromES 0x91c5fa6872f3a93b999843eaf06eb34a18a69a12`
getTrace 8156524.14

But Is It Relevant?

I once spoke a different crypto accountant (Mr. Greenish-Blue?) and after listening to me talk about this issue, he asked, “Yeah, but is it relevant?” My reaction was “Of course, it’s relevant.” (I could explain why this is true, but if it isn’t self-evident to you already, I wouldn’t be able to convince you anyway.)

Analyzing the Differences

Since we first published this article, a few people have asked us to further analyze the differences. To be honest, we really just don’t have the time. Perhaps someone else will pick this up. We published the raw data to this IPFS hash: QmYccKCCoYat8AsgMxVfFjcb9NG8cnFfikkrweRyjwo7rQ.

  • Input data of both errored and completed transactions
  • Log topics of both errored and completed transactions
  • Log data of of both errored and completed transactions
  • Output data of deeply embedded traces
  • Uncle mining rewards 0xa4a96ca16373239fd679711b05bcbdc138bc40a5bb2a085799c23bbaf5fd2a3a

Future Work

We’re going to dig deeper to see if we can’t figure out what some of the other missing transactions look like. We already know that EtherScan does not report on Uncle miner rewards from its Miner endpoint. We’ll write again as we discover more.



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Thomas Jay Rush

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