Hey ChatGPT — Define “chifra”

What does that non-word word mean?

Thomas Jay Rush
1 min readSep 28, 2023

We asked Chat GPT to define the word “chifra” which is the name of the TrueBlocks command line tool. Here’s what they (what are ChatGPT’s pronouns?) told us it means.

Define Chifra

“Chifra” (pronounced chee-fra) is a noun, inspired by the Italian word “chiffra” which means cipher or number, and the Spanish word “chifra” which is a colloquial term for figure.

Definition: Chifra (noun)

  1. A numerical puzzle or enigma; A complex problem that requires calculation or numerical insight to solve.
  2. An undisclosed amount or figure, especially one that holds significant value or importance.

Example in a sentence:

  • The mathematician spent hours unraveling the chifra hidden within the ancient manuscript.
  • The exact chifra of the treasure was unknown, making it all the more alluring to the ambitious explorers.

It is important to note that “chifra” is not a recognized word in English or other languages based on the information available to me [ChatGPT] up to my last update in January 2022, and the above definition is a fictional creation.

Chifra’s Command Line

This is chifra's command line:

That’s it.



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