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  • Pavel Sapezhko

    Pavel Sapezhko

    Software Developer, SRE, Coach, Advisor

  • Travis Wyche

    Travis Wyche

    Artist-Philosopher-Designer of the Expanded Field, Lead Scribe of DeathGuild

  • Project Galaxy

    Project Galaxy

    Building a permissionless infrastructure that powers on-chain credentials with plug-and-play NFT modules. πŸͺ Explore spaces β€” https://galaxy.eco

  • Dennison Bertram

    Dennison Bertram

    Professional Revolutionary and Blockchain.

  • Harith Kamarul

    Harith Kamarul

    Community @etherscan

  • Jake from Mito

    Jake from Mito

    Exploring the future of Python and Spreadsheets

  • Truebit Protocol

    Truebit Protocol

  • 0xjim


    Crypto investor, product manager, and tech enthusiast. I (try to) post daily!

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