Ethereum Block Production Continues to Slide

Visualizing the Bomb — Week 1

Ruh Roh George Jeston!

Here’s that same chart two weeks later:

Visualizing the Bomb — Week 2
Block Interval

Does “Less Blocks” Mean “Less Transactions”?

Number of Transactions

Below we present the number of transactions per block, which, as you can see, has recently increased significantly. The blocks are definitely getting fuller.

Transaction per Block since Inception
Blocks per Week vs. Transactions per Week since Inception

Stay Tuned…

This article is getting a little long-winded, so we’ll stop for now. The goal of the series (here’s last week’s) is to discern what effect, if any, the difficulty time bomb is having on the ecosystem.



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Thomas Jay Rush

Thomas Jay Rush

Blockchain Enthusiast, Founder TrueBlocks, LLC and Philadelphia Ethereum Meetup, MS Computer Science UPenn