Building an Ethereum Account Scraper with QuickBlocks

Installing QuickBlocks

Here’s instructions for installing and building QuickBlocks. I won’t go into details. If you have trouble, please contact us through our slack. Note — QuickBlocks requires a running Parity node, and that node must be a tracing node. It works against Infura, but Infura doesn’t support tracing, so you won’t get complete results. Try it though. You’ll be able to get some data even from Infura. Assuming you’re running a local Parity node…

Building an Account Scraper

QuickBlocks is a C++ code library to make interacting with Ethereum easier. To get started, we need to write C++’s main function:

Support My Work

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Thomas Jay Rush

Thomas Jay Rush

Blockchain Enthusiast, Founder TrueBlocks, LLC and Philadelphia Ethereum Meetup, MS Computer Science UPenn