Be Careful Little Brain What You Code

Be careful little eyes what you see
Be careful little eyes what you see
Because Jesus up above
Is looking down in love
So be careful little eyes what you see

I was only eight years old, but I remember thinking to myself, “How would I know — before seeing something — to shut my eyes to protect myself from seeing the same thing that I wasn’t supposed to see?”

The Blockchain Will Save the World. Hallelujah!

I had two experiences recently, both related the blockchain and both related to the idea of a person’s identity. The first one excited me. The second one made me think of that song.

Universal ID Card of Mr. Knowone P. Person

The Evidence Was Washed Away

I was at a blockchain conference in Washington, DC last week. It was well attended, had tons of great speakers, and was overflowing with people engaged in the blockchain space. Being in Washington, DC, there was, of course, a lot of discussion about regulation, recent SEC rulings, and other lawyerly things. But the most impressive speaker for me was a layman. She was from Australia. Her name was Dr. Jane Thomason.

Dr. Thomason Photograph Was Far Worse
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Not So Fast

The second experience I mentioned above, the one that brought me back to earth, happened this afternoon at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

Chief of Police Angelos Evert of Athens, Greece, used his position to help save Jews from deportation [to the death camps]. After the Germans occupied Athens in September 1943, Evert began issuing false ID cards to Jews in response to an appeal by Archbishop Damaskinos, whose Orthodox Greek Church provided false baptismal certificates…In the spring and summer officials and police deported more than 45,000 Jewish residents “to the East”…Few members of [the community] survived.

My immediate thought was this: Where are the false identification cards and fake baptismal certificates in a world of immutable records? How can honest to goodness hero fake an ID in a world where IDs can’t be faked? Previously, I had been riding high on the belief that providing immutable, unfakeable, impossible-to-destroy identification documents was a noble goal. But here was irrefutable evidence that there are times when you really need a fake ID.

Be Careful Little Brains What You Code

Very few people would ever purposefully design a system for evil intent. I don’t want any of my readers to think that’s what I’m saying. But evil things do sometimes arise as unintended consequences out of powerful, complex systems.



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