I have zero time, so I herein produce a very quick take on something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. This is more a thought experiment than anything else.

Fact: Very, very, very many of the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are simple ERC20 token transfers.

So what?

Many of us live and work on the Linux command line.

I’ve been living in that neighborhood since 1986. For most of that time, the command line commanded me. But eventually, I started commanding the command line.

In this article, I will share with you an example of commanding the command line. I’m going to take the command line by its…

Custom Ethereum extraction for permissionless access to your data

Ethereum nodes come to consensus on a world-wide global ledger of smart contract invocations every 14 seconds. Everyone know this. This is what we celebrate about the chain. Not only is this data world-wide and consented-to, but it is also permissionless…

…a piece of open source software called an Ethereum node collects together a random, unordered collection of transactions, and after throwing out the invalid ones, puts the rest in a well-defined order.

The system then seals this newly ordered list for the rest of human history (modulo re-orgs) by creating…

Thomas Jay Rush

Blockchain Enthusiast, Founder TrueBlocks, LLC and Philadelphia Ethereum Meetup, MS Computer Science UPenn

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